• Many companies and managers are finding it difficult during the economic downturn to reward their employees – but you do not have to reward them in cash! Sometimes, you just need to be creative when rewarding your employees.

    We’ve put together this list of 21 ways to reward your employees for free or very low cost.

    1. Plan a surprise picnic.
    2. Post a thank you note on an employee’s door.
    3. Make a photo collage about a successful project that shows the people that worked on it, its stage of development and its completion and presentation.
    4. Cover the person’s desk with balloons.
    5. Make and deliver a fruit basket.
    6. Give the person a copy of the latest best-selling management or business book or a subscription to a trade magazine.
    7. Give special assignments to people who show initiative.
    8. Serve ice cream sundaes to all of your employees at the end of a project.
    9. Serve a team a hero party sandwich at the end of an assignment, for a job well done.
    10. Give employees an extra long lunch break.
    11. Send flowers to an employee’s home as a thank you.
    12. Hold informal retreats to foster communication and set goals.
    13. Give an extra day of vacation next year.
    14. When you hear a positive remark about someone, repeat it to that person as soon as possible (Face-to-face is best, e-mail or voice mail are good in an pinch).
    15. Express an interest in employee’s career development goals.
    16. Give a deserving employee a mug filled with treats.
    17. Support “flex-friendly” schedules.
    18. Give out gold coins for a job well done.
    19. Treat an employee to lunch.
    20. When someone has spent long hours at work, send a letter of thanks to his/her home.
    21. Inscribe a favorite book as a gift.

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