jeremyI am the founder and president of That Network, an interactive publishing firm. That Network creates authority Web sites around specific industries and topics. That Network was founded in 1998 with its first site, Our company is privately held.

I started That Network to focus on areas that I had an expertise in and quickly expanded the sites to include professionally written information in a variety of topics. I’ve worked in Information Technology since 2000, most recently in Web technology. I have certifications and expertise in a variety of topics including networking, server support, infrastructure, Web development, project management, professional services, and consulting.

I worked as an infrastructure and technology management consultant for a number of years while pursuing my MBA from The Ohio State University. I focused my MBA on marketing, professional services, and entrepreneurship.

About That Network

That Network includes sites in categories such as business, certifications, publishing, relationships, and tutorials. The company is focused on creating excellent, original material to help you discover the topics we are most interested in. This passion translates into excellent articles, tutorials, and books. In 2003, I wrote my first book, Creative Romance, from my experience creating

My Interests

Outside of web technologies, I enjoy coaching football. I coach JV ball with the Carolina Pride, an independent Christian football organization. I recently completed my 12th season coaching football and enjoy teaching the young men how to be men of Christ and excellent football players.