• As I explained yesterday, I’m working on a series of posts explaining how to be a successful Internet entrepreneur and am developing a curriculum. This will be the basis for the posts and I will use it to create a book and course on the subject. The goal is to help you develop a business that makes at least $3,000 a month in profit. I’d like your help in developing the table of contents for this curriculum so the content of the course meets the needs of the audience.

    My goal is to have a complete Internet business startup curriculum that pulls from research and the best material in the entrepreneurship field to produce a college level curriculum – but something that is accessible to people of all business and technological experience levels. Fortunately, I know going in that this is a tall order, one that is going to take a huge commitment of time and resources, but something I think will be very beneficial for a lot of people.

    Building the Table of Contents

    I’m going to use the six Internet business categories I identified yesterday as the foundation for the course. These are major ways of making money online and the ideas I will teach you how to take advantage of to build your business. The underlying theme of the curriculum is to be practical in its instruction, instead of theoretical. Since the end goal is to enable you to be able to start your own business earning at least $3,000 a month in profit, the curriculum needs to have easy to follow instructions and checklists to get you there.

    First, let’s develop a list of topics we’re going to cover in the course. From this list, we’ll be able to develop the table of contents. Here’s my proposal for general topics (specifics to be identified later), what other topics would you like me to cover? Post it in the comments below.

    • Introduction to Internet Businesses
    • Internet Business Types
      • Physical product sales
      • Virtual product sales
      • Affiliate sales
      • Advertising-supported content
      • Lead generation
      • Services
    • Identifying a Niche
    • Building a Simple Business Plan
    • eCommerce
      • Setting up a store
      • Accepting credit cards
      • Selling through third parties
      • Creating products
      • Sourcing products
      • Warehousing and shipping
      • Handling returns
    • Marketing
      • Social
      • Advertising
      • PR
    • Technology Requirements
    • Social Media
    • Creating Content
    • Building a Website
    • Sales Process/Conversions
      • Landing pages
      • Sales conversions
    • Customer Service
    • SEO
    • Email newsletters

    Each business type will be covered in detail – how to acquire content/products, create landing pages, convert sales, manage the process, and make a profit.

    What other topics do you think should be covered?

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    1. Mike
      Mar 2nd

      This may be covered in one of the areas but a “Help” location that covers all areas that is easily found with tutorials to guide you. Just my 2 cents.. P.S. I would love to be able to learn to make money on the net.. It’s getting harder and harder to survive out there.. Thanks..

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