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    Posted on November 25th, 2009

    Written by Jeremy


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    As more individuals start businesses, entrepreneurship college degrees are becoming much more popular. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to get a degree in entrepreneurship: many managers pursue entrepreneurship degrees to learn how to manage in the startup environment or for family businesses.

    Online learning is now an acceptable method of pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree and many universities and colleges have created web-based entrepreneurship degrees. We’ve searched for and found quite a number of universities offering these degrees online, including:

    1. University of Florida: one of the first to offer an Internet entrepreneurship degree offers a master’s degree in entrepreneurship. The degree is not entirely online, you must visit Gainesville once a semester for proctored exams. Their online undergraduate degree offers courses in entrepreneurship.
    2. Western Carolina University: WCU offers both a bachelor of science in entrepreneurship and a master’s degree in entrepreneurship.
    3. Nova University: a University which takes full use of the web for delivery of multiple degrees offers an MBA in entrepreneurship. Like UF, Nova offers an undergrad degree in business with some entrepreneurship courses.
    4. Morehead State University: MSU, based in Morehead, Kentucky, offers a bachelor’s degree in small business management and entrepreneurship.
    5. UMassAmherst: UMass at Amherst has one of more interesting programs on this list: a degree in sustainable entrepreneurship. This program isn’t entirely online, it requires some on-campus meetings.
    6. Oregon State University: a bachelor’s program with a minor in business and entrepreneurship delivered online.
    7. Washington State University: WSU offers a bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship.
    8. McKinley College: an online entrepreneurship degree from McKinsley, an entirely online college.

    There are many options available if you decide to pursue an online entrepreneurship degree.

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