• 1,750 messages.

    2,627 messages.

    The first is the number of email messages I have in my inbox on my business account.

    The second is the number of email messages I have in my inbox on my personal account.

    I am a terrible email user. I do not actively manage the influx of daily messages and frequently finding myself investing a good deal of time cleaning out the inbox of unread junk email and mailing lists I don’t have time for. I need to get better at email organization!

    My friend Kyle Chowning wrote a fantastic post recently titled “Three Quick Steps to a Zero Inbox.” The premise of the post is to create three new folders in your email program:

    • Action
    • Someday
    • Follow Up
    • …and use your Archive.

    This is one of the best methods for organizing email madness that I’ve ever seen.

    If you’re looking for a method to help sort through the madness of your email… Read Kyle’s post!

    UPDATED: It’s difficult getting through all of these email messages. If you’ve tried Kyle’s method, let me know your success!

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    1. Nov 19th

      Thanks for mentioning my post. You, and a growing list of others, are finding that staying on top of email isn’t all that hard! Congrats on your successes.

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